Family Business Strategic Planning


Workshop Description

The ability to understand and materialize the objectives stated in their strategic plan is one of the most relevant skills that the top management team must have. On a daily basis, our clients face the difficult challenges of objectively evaluating their strategic plan, whether or not that plan is understood by their organizations, and how well the plan is integrated with all the stakeholders’ job descriptions and expected outputs.

Our “Strategic Planning for Family Businesses” is a two-day off-site work session attended by the top management of the family business. This workshop is designed to assess and clarify the organization’s strategy and the impact of structure and leadership styles on managers’ abilities to execute and reach strategic objectives. Supported by a strong methodological framework and key information about strategy, we discover the organization to provide significant clues for the development of a robust organization.

Who should attend:

  • Board Directors
  • Management Committee Members
  • Family Members involved in management

Financial and emotional wealth are two
sides of the same coin: they are inseparable.

– Juan Pablo Martínez-Blat