We are a Family Enterprise Advisory firm offering full-fledged Single Family Office services to our clients. We help our clients preserve and grow their wealth, businesses and relationships.

Single Family Office

We support the Single Family Office – not by managing money, but by designing, operating and advising the single family office:

  • SFO Design & Advisory
  • SFO Outsourcing
  • Global Balance Sheet Reporting
  • Investment Committee Advisory
  • Pre-Immigration Coordination
  • Risk Management Coordination

Family Business

Our work fundamentally changes the way our clients think about wealth creation in their family business.

  • Growth Strategy Design
  • Financial Forecasting & Valuation
  • Board of Directors Advisory
  • Effective Decision-Making Workshops
  • Managerial Effectiveness Workshops
  • Managerial Due Diligence


Our governance guidance gives our clients the structure they need to maintain good working relationships within the family business.

  • Governance Advisory
  • Succession Plan Execution
  • Estate & Tax Planning Coordination
  • Governance Effectiveness Workshops
  • Counseling & Conflict Mediation
  • Family Council Advisory
  • Education and Personal Development

Financial and emotional wealth are two
sides of the same coin: they are inseparable.

– Juan Pablo Martínez-Blat