Effective Decision Making


Workshop Description

Some of the most important challenges our clients face are to make good decisions and to connect those decisions effectively with the execution process. The ability to reach the goals stated in their strategic plan is directly related to the quality of the decisions they make on a daily basis, and how well those decisions are implemented throughout the family business.

The “Effective Decision-Making Workshop” is a two-day off-site work session attended by the members of top decision-making boards and committees. Based on group dynamics, this workshop is designed to assess the effectiveness of the participants’ decision-making process and to evaluate their ability to draw on the collective intelligence to create value.

The program uses non-conventional techniques that combine the best practices of decision-making with a managerial effectiveness methodology designed by British social scientist William Reddin. It consists of six group dynamics based on the theory of Action Learning. The program provides tools that the participants need to drive effective decision-making processes in their families and business.

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Who should attend:

  • Board Directors
  • Investment Committee Members
  • Family Council Members
  • Management Committee Members

Financial and emotional wealth are two
sides of the same coin: they are inseparable.

– Juan Pablo Martínez-Blat