Knowledge is power.

We continuously strive to enhance the wealth creation skills of our clients through educational workshops. These workshops are based on group dynamics that promote personal growth through action-learning as they interact with peers in the resolution of real-life problems.

Our workshops are designed using include subjects such as investing strategies, decision-making, governance structures, managerial effectiveness, due diligence, Family Office design and personal goals clarification.

Family Business Strategic Planning

Assess and clarify your organization’s strategy and equip your team to reach strategic objectives.


Family Business Governance

Learn which tools families need to be effective in handling governance and succession matters.


The Examined Life

Designed for family members interested in closely examining their values, passions, and life objectives.


Managing the Family Business

Assess how strategy, structure and leadership styles impact our ability to achieve strategic objectives.


Effective Decision Making

Get the tools you need to drive effective decision-making processes for your Family Enterprise.


Designing the Family Office

Design the organizational structure of the Family Office to advance an effective wealth management process.

Financial and emotional wealth are two
sides of the same coin: they are inseparable.

– Juan Pablo Martínez-Blat