Designing the Family Office


Workshop Description

One of the most challenging moments in the evolution of a Family Enterprise is the sale of the Family Business and the resulting liquidity event. Under this circumstance, many families are tempted to – or forced into – creating a Single Family Office to address the need to preserve and grow the increased liquidity. 

Very few families understand that the mindset, leadership style, and skills required for managing a Single Family Office well are different from those needed for managing their operating business. Many families in this situation will follow a trial and error process to create a Family Office. Unfortunately, the result is a sub-optimal and costly learning curve and investment process. 

The “Designing the Family Office Workshop” is a two-day work session attended by key members of the family and certain advisors. Based on group dynamics, this workshop is designed to provide the participants with the key wealth management, governance, decision-making and behavioral finance skills necessary to secure the preservation of the family wealth. The program is based on the premise that structure drives behavior, and also provides guidelines on how to design the organizational structure of the Family Office to advance an effective wealth management process.

Who should attend:

  • Key family members
  • Trusted advisors

Financial and emotional wealth are two
sides of the same coin: they are inseparable.

– Juan Pablo Martínez-Blat