Our Team

Anamaria Basalo

Anamaria Basalo is a finance professional and entrepreneur with focus on the education industry. Mrs. Basalo past working experience includes Mutual Fund Developing Strategies, Debt Trading of Latin America Debt, expertise in Latin America Fixed Income Markets and six years as a Senior Analyst at Thomson Reuters contributing to the research and implementation of their Latin America Fixed Income product development strategy.

Mrs. Basalo is passionate about the arts and has worked extensively in the creation of Music and Art programs for children in South Florida. She is also an advocate for children causes serving in various non – profit organizations. Currently, she serves as an active board member of America Developing Smiles a non – profit organization dedicated to raising funds for ADS educational centers in Latin America, and community outreach programs in less privileged Hispanic neighborhoods in South Florida.

Mrs. Basalo holds a degree in Business Administration with a major in Banking and Finance from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. Mrs. Basalo publications include and award winning thesis on Comparative Analysis of Brazil’s Brady Plan Alternatives.

As a trusted advisor to high-net-worth individuals, Mr. Blat helps clients in the US, Europe and Latin America manage their wealth throughout multiple asset classes. He and his firm also assist Family Offices and Family Businesses to develop competitiveness and create value by using a radically unique methodology that merges corporate finance principles with organizational design techniques.

He works with selected clients as a family governance coach and he is regularly invited to speak and moderate at Family Office conferences. Mr. Blat frequently conducts workshops on Family Business Strategy and Managerial Effectiveness, Governance and Decision Making for Board of Directors and Investment Committees.

Mr. Blat has served on the board of for profit and philanthropic organizations that support the education of underprivileged kids. He is a Civil Engineer and holds a MBA degree from IESA in a joint program with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.