Frequently Asked Questions

They come to us when the workload, demand of skills and responsibility to manage the Family Enterprise overwhelms them.


Many of our clients do not have the resources to produce consolidated reports of their investments and therefore they are not able to make informed decisions. We produce consolidated reports providing views across asset classes, investment strategies and geography.

Our clients are constantly approached by investment bankers and other advisers that offer direct private or real estate investments. We can perform high level due diligence, financial projections, business model analysis and professional advice coordination.

Managing family enterprises is a delicate matter. We provide support to our clients through group dynamics and seminars oriented to bring understanding to the complex issues of wealth management, succession and governance.

Wealth transfer can be complex and confusing as well. Our knowledge and experience in this area allows us to help our clients coordinate the experts required to design an optimal fiscal structure to hold their assets.

Decision making is a critical skill in the Family Office and the Family Enterprise. We run Effective Decision-Making workshops specially designed to teach effective decision-making strategies for board of directors, management teams and investment committees.

The Family Enterprise usually is the primary source of wealth creation for the family. We enable processes oriented towards the development of managerial effectiveness which translate into a broader capacity to produce results and increase the value of the enterprise.

We provide clients with consolidated reports that allows to track the performance and cash flows by type, strategy & geography.