Our Approach

Since being founded in 2002, SAAGA’s mission has been deeply influenced by a game changing question: How should people tackle financial and emotional wealth creation so they can dedicate themselves to things that matter the most?

Keeping in mind the three inseparable components of the Family Enterprise: Family, Family Business and Family Office, our work fundamentally improves the way our clients manage their wealth increasing, as a result, their peace of mind.

Inspire and educate

At the heart of our philosophy there is a tremendous concern for the development, growth and wellbeing of our clients.

Create Connections

We are a profoundly humanistic enterprise and as such we see it as our duty to connect clients, ideas, and deals.

Structure drives behavior

We are process driven. Our clients have different needs and we have a robust process to address those needs in a systematic manner.

Five Pillars

All Five Pillars of wealth creation must be addressed because they are all connected to each other in the Family Enterprise.

Doing Work that Matters for People Who Care

With our client’s growth and wellbeing as main goals, SAAGA helps them make better investment decisions, manage their organizations to increase value and run governance structures that protect the relationships between family embers.

Our services are anchored on unique set of skills such as robust reporting, decisionmaking methodologies, investment expertise, behavioral frameworks and governance guidance that impact the five pillars of wealth creation: liquid assets, real estate, direct investments, real assets and the family business.

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